Product Development & Manufacturing


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Products did not pass the test or certification?
Who can make products as I expect them in terms od quality and time

Many suppliers in Asia are capable of designing and developing outstanding products according to your ideas. Good and clear communication is crucial for success. We can handle it!

Our engineers handle the design and specification of the products, optimization, improvements and ensure usability, user friendliness and provide the experience of outstanding quality to the users of your product.

  • Material selection
  • Tooling design
  • Form and function engineering
  • Fit-for-use testing
  • User manuals and product documentation
  • Declaration of Conformity (DoC and CE-Mark)
  • Artwork, gift-box and packaging design
  • International Approvals

belong to our expertise as well as the final product approval according to international standards and directives.

We use AUTODESK Inventor CAD software for digital prototyping, modeling and tooling design. Our capabilities in CAD product design are also available as engineering service.

Sourcing and Manufacturing


From the selection of products and suppliers through the final shipment we make sure that what you get is what you ordered (WYGIWYO).

We help you to specify your products with your suppliers to ensure that all requirements and standards can be met and that the goods exceed your expectations.

Solving technical problems at the earliest possible stage and providing the right solution is our expertise. From order to shipment you can rely on our services.

We go inside the production to monitor the status of production lots and product quality and handle all relevant testing, approval and certification matters seamlessly and with transparent and clear information flow.

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